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No Win No Fee

The idea of the 'conditional fee' dates back to the 19th Century but it was only formally introduced into English and Welsh law in 1995. Essentially it is any fee for legal services which becomes payable only if a legal claim is successful. This is the basis of the 'No Win No Fee' system.

If the case is lost the claimant will not be liable for the solicitor's costs. If the case is won, the solicitor is entitled to the normal fee plus an extra success fee, which must be no more than 100% of the fee itself.

The 'No Win No Fee' mechanism was introduced in order to give people on modest incomes access to the often ruinously expensive legal system. Conditional fees also help to ensure that solicitors will give the best of their time, attention and expertise to a case, because it is in their own financial interest to achieve a successful outcome. Without the 'No Win No Fee' arrangement it makes little difference to solicitors if a case is won or least. This progressive innovation has changed our legal system for the better and it enables you, with the help of Motor Claim and our network of solicitors, to seek much deserved redress with no financial risk.



Whiplash Claims

How long will my claim take?

Everyone believes the law moves very slowly, and that may be true in some cases, but not in this sort of claim. We know the importance of a swift, satisfactory conclusion, so if you make your whiplash compensation claim through us we will pursue it as quickly as possible. Most claims are resolved in two to three months


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